How to Prepare for Your Basement Repair

  • Identify if your basement walls are made of poured concrete or block. If  your foundation is block, you will need to contact another type of waterproofing contractor.
  • We will need a clear work area. Please have all items moved away from immediate area at least four feet.
  • Please have basement stairs clear of any items with a 4 foot path available leading to work area.
  • Please remove any child-proof gates from stairway
  • If your walls are finished with drywall or paneling, this must be properly removed floor to ceiling prior to our arrival.
  • You may wish to cover items of value with a drop cloth.
  • Gas dryers must be properly disconnected, gas shut off and dryer removed from repair area.
  • Washing machines or other large appliances must be removed.
  • If shelving is in leak area, please move if possible. If shelving is built in, please speak to our office staff (You may want need to submit a picture for us to review).
  • If laundry tub is in leak area, please submit photo so we can view work space to determine if it needs to be removed prior to service.
  • Keep all pets away during repair. It is best to put them in another room during the work time.
  • Most individual wall repairs take less than 2 hours.
  • Your repairs can be made if walls are wet or dry.
  • Payment of service will be concluded at the end of the repair via a valid check or credit card.
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